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The CAP-151 includes a very special capability; with a simple touch of a front panel button, the amplifier and preamplifier sections of the CAP-151 can be separated. This is particularly convenient for use as part of a more complex multi-amplifier system, or for the purpose of inserting equalization or other room correction between amplifier and preamplifier stages. In this way, the CAP-151 offers the flexibility of separates while maintaining the convenience and simplicity of an integrated amplifier.

The CAP-151 has a contoured, slimline chassis. Inputs include: REG1 (or Phono), REG2, REG3, REG4, REG5 and BAL1. Outputs include TAPE, PREAMP and SPEAKER. Remote controls include: Power On/Off, Volume, Balance, Mute, Input Selection, Tape and Display . Front panel controls include: INPUT SELECTOR, VOLUME, TAPE, MUTE and POWER. The Special Classé front panel is in Soft Shadow Silver with an Anodized Black Fascia

Garantia 3 meses (reparación)
Precio: $990.000

  • Detalles tecnológicos:
  • -Continuous Power Output: 150 watts/ch a 8 ohm.
  • – Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz, +/- 0.1db
  • – Inputs: Phono (MM), RCA y Balanceado XLR.
  • – Output: 2 speakers, pre out.
  • – Sin caja.

Classe CAP-151

Amplificador integrado de 150 watts a 8 ohm,


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