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Designed to flank monitors in the 40, 50 & 60 inch size ranges accordingly. The FPM 4 measures 22.2 inches high, six and seven-tenths inches wide and four inches deep. The FPM 5 is four inches longer at 26.2 inches high and the FPM 6 is 31.3 inches high, seven and seven-tenths inches wide and four and four-tenths inches deep. I found the FPM 5 to perfectly flank my Panasonic 50 inch plasma with the FPM 6 fitting nicely below it in the horizontal position for my center channel. A smaller FPM 2 is available for surround duty as is a subwoofer the PV1.

Precio: $900.000

  • Detalles tecnológicos:
  • – Description: 2-way system
  • – Frequency response: 72Hz–22kHz.x
  • – Nominal impedance: 8 (minimum 3.0)
  • – Recommended amplifier power: 25W–120W into 8 on unclipped programme.
  • – Dimensions: Height: 636mm, Width: 210mm, Depth: 180mm.
  • – Weight: 4,8kg
  • – Color: Silver.
  • Incluye pedestales
  • Sin Caja.


Parlantes de muro con opción de uso con pedestal.
Detalles estéticos mínimos, se entregan sin cajas y con garantía de 3 meses (Reparación).



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