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M as in Music
The Flatbox M-Series is love at first sight. Never before have you seen anything like them mounted on a wall. And if there is such a thing as a tension to sound, it is when you turn the volume right up on the
M-Two. The presence is almost overwhelming. Put on Supertramp’s “School”, and singer Roger Hodgson will be standing right there.

New sound design technology
A high-end loudspeaker is made up of a hundred perfect details like cast driver baskets and air coil low loss inductors, but it’s the Waveguide and Time Alignment design technologies developed exclusively for the M-series that is magic behind the sound. The waveguide allows for better coupling between the tweeter diaphragm and surrounding air to reduce baffle edge diffraction. And since the tweeter is integrated into the grille design, there are no other edge reflections.

Perfect sound needs perfect timing
Basically, Time Alignment Technology means mounting the tweeter and the mid/woofer drivers perfectly on the depth axis to let all sound reach you ear at exactly the same millisecond. In theory this might seem easy but making it happen is altogether more difficult. But it was worth the entire 3247 hours designer Mats Andersen put into developing the M Series.

So you can listen happily ever after…

  • Specifications
  • -Description type: 2-way bass reflex speaker for wall mount
  • -Finish: Matte White, Black piano finish, white and black front grill is included
  • -Impedance: 8 ohm
  • -Woofer size: 6,5″ alumiun cone woofer
  • -Tweeter: 30 mm soft dome
  • -Frequency range: 40 – 30 000 Hz
  • -Sensitivity: 92 dB / 1W, 1m
  • -Recommended amplifier: 50 – 250 Watt
  • -Dimension (W x D x H): 320 x 111 x 1050 mm
  • -Weight: 16.9 kg


With DLS it’s simple – the bigger the speaker, the bigger the sound, whilst still keeping the character and tonality. Simply, M-Two is our flagship. No compromises. No shortcuts. The M-Two design will demand your attention; the sound will never let it go.
There are some unique features to point out that gives them an overwhelming sound.



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